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How boring would your clique be if you were all the same? Someone's gotta be the adventurer. But without the "logical" one, adventures could get out of hand. Face it, everyone has a role in their circle. What's yours?

1. Party of the year is jumping off on Saturday, but the 'rents won't let you go because they disapprove of the party's host. You:

A. Plot out all the reasons you should be allowed to go and present them to your parents. #1 being you're a good girl and have no intention of being part of any nonsense.
B. Make plans to hang out at another friend's house for the night. You'll hit the party from there. Your parents will never know.
C. Make other plans. You'll catch up with what happened at the jump off on Monday, from people who went.

2. Two of your closest friends are beefing and it's causing mad tension. You:

A. Immediately arrange for the two of them to talk it out. Communication is the key to every good friendship.
B. Stay out of it. They'll figure it out. And if they don't, you'll just hang out with them apart.
C. Talk to them separately to find out what's wrong. You hear each one of them out and give generic advice, sure not to say anything to hurt either of their feelings.

3. The weekend's here. Yeah, man! You:

A. Are the designated planner. All your friends look to you to brainstorm all the possibilities so you'll have the most bomb weekends, ever, all the time.
B. Already have a few plans of your own. But you leave some room to make sure hanging with the clique fits.
C. May or may not be able to hang with the clique. Your schedule is pretty full, as usual.

4. If your friends could use one word to describe you it would be:

A. Sunny
B. Serious
C. Practical

5. You can only choose one. I would never ever...

A. Talk about a friend behind their back.
B. Leave a friend hanging.
C. Judge a friend.

6. Chicks before...well, you know...that male organ. Boyfriends should never come before your girls, but balancing the two can be tricky. What's your juggling act?

A. I work double time to make sure I spend equal time with my boyfriend and my best friend.
B. I make sure my boyfriend's needs are met. My girls will understand.
C. Boyfriends come and go, but girl friends are forever. My friends come first.

7. When it comes to turning in your "V" card, you:

A. See it as an individual choice. But it's going to depend on a lot of things before you give up your membership.
B. Think people make too big a deal out of it. You're no rhymes with mutt, but if you're feeling your boyfriend that way, you're going to let whatever happens, happen.
C. Plan on holding on to your membership until you're married. How close you and your BF are shouldn't be controlled by whether you're going to have sex or not.

8. I am a...

A. Social Butterfly. I have several circles of close friends and can't imagine life without my big melting pot of peeps.
B. Member of a pack. I have one set of friends and I don't venture beyond them.
C. Lone wolf. I have one or two good friends and that's all I need.