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Don't Get it Twisted by author Paula Chase Hyman

Don’t Get it Twisted

Class is back in session, but this time Mina Mooney’s battle with the cliques takes a backseat to her drama with the ultimate crush in… Don’t Get It Twisted.

Mina Mooney’s fantasy becomes reality when the hottest guy at school invites her to the biggest bash of the year. But Mina’s parents aren’t down with letting her date a boy they know nothing about. Now she has to figure out how she’s going to get her fine self to the party. Wait, isn’t that what friends are for? Unfortunately, her crew is caught up with their own drama. If Mina doesn’t succeed in enlisting their help – and fast – her social life just might be over before it ever really begins.

…surprisingly real and deep… well worth reading.
– TeensReadTwo, on Paula’s writing

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