Paula Chase Hyman

Middle Grade and Young Adult Author

School Visits

In an effort to honor her mission to humanize Black students, for the 2021-22 school year, Paula will only do book talk school visits.

  1. Classes may select from any of her books that have an educator’s guide.
  2. Books must be purchased through an Independent Bookstore (Black and/or women-owned)

Please contact me to discuss book minimums, identify which of my books have guides, list of preferred bookstores and tips for prepping your class for the visit.

At this time, Paula is only offering virtual book talk visits.

Virtual Visit Statement

Although virtual visits may be seem like a “lesser” visit, they are not. Virtual visits are allowing classrooms even more access to creatives. Importantly, understand that preparing for the visit is exactly the same as for an in-person visit. Like many authors, school visit fees are an essential form of my income. Please do not expect free visits. I am open to negotiating fees and I provide options for those schools that may not be able to afford my regular fee. I am willing to discuss how we may work it out. Every young reader deserves an audience with creatives who have a passion for nurturing their love of reading.

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