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WHO YOU WIT'? by author Paula Chase Hyman

Who You Wit’?

Mina Mooney has a new worst enemy – her best friend…

Summer is just around the corner, but things are already too hot to handle in Del Rio Bay. For the first time ever, Mina doesn’t have a master plan to keep her popularity roller-coaster on track. She’s so sprung over Brian that she’s having a hard time just thinking straight. So, she’s not at all ready when her best friend Lizzie makes their clique swear to a year-long virginity pact…

Now Mina and her crew are feeling way too much heat. Kelly is glad to take things slow with cute jock Greg – but ex-hustler Angel isn’t about to let her go drama-free. For Jacinta, a missed period and Raheem planning “their” future together is promising nothing but trouble. And when Lizzie finds out Mina has “betrayed” the pact, it’s a head-to-head, no-holds-barred showdown that could say hasta la vista to the clique for good.

Fresh, funny, and always on-point, Who You Wit’? is all about trying to keep it popular when things get all too real.

…a fresh contemporary friendship story and worth the read.
– Kirkus Reviews

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